The Last Days Of The Modern Civilization

The world makes you think based on false concepts. You ignore what exists behind the scenes. Everyone is a greedy marketer who doesn’t care for your wellbeing.

You believe that you have to be selfish and greedy too in order to defend yourself. However, you have to do the opposite. You have to be honest and care about other people’s suffering, and not about accumulating money.

What really matters is God’s judgment and your spiritual purification. Your temporary life on earth is an opportunity of evolution and not a period of time that you should waste pursuing material pleasures and disregarding the meaning of your actions as if the material life was everything you had.

Your spirit will remain alive after your death. You will pay for your sins in the future.

You cannot be indifferent to the existence of your satanic anti-conscience, which makes you have the characteristics of a psychopath in numerous ways. When it manages to destroy a big portion of your conscience you become a psychopath all the time.

The existence of a satanic primitive conscience in your brain is a tragedy that you cannot ignore. If you will disregard its existence, it will kill your ego and destroy your conscience.

All prophecies can be explained now that we know the bitter truth. God was trying to gradually open our eyes through many ways in our long history, but we are underdeveloped primates. Our stupidity and our anger didn’t let God reveal the truth before giving us scientific knowledge.

You probably don’t want to believe in this information, but the truth is that you must be grateful because you can have this knowledge today and become a really mentally healthy human being thanks to God’s wisdom.

Now you can eliminate the demon that lives in your brain thanks to your obedience to God’s wise guidance in your dreams because now you can understand the dream language. Carl Jung’s work and my work give you this privilege.

Everything is tragic, but God’s existence is a miracle. The fact that God exists and produces our dreams in order to transform monsters like us into perfect human beings is a miracle.

We must be ashamed of our absurdity and evilness, and follow God’s guidance in order to acquire a new identity.

Everyone can find sound mental health and peace if they will obey the wise guidance they have in their dreams, but many people are disobedient. They are influenced by their anti-conscience, and they have a bad memory.

They forget important information and various dangerous experiences. They don’t remember who helped them in the past and this is why they betray their saviors.

You have to precisely obey God’s guidance in your dreams in order to have the positive destiny that God prepared for you instead of being a victim of your evil anti-conscience.

You must desire to attain sanctity with sincerity, and agree with God even when your selfish ego disagrees with His wisdom.

The satanic origin of the human race is demoralizing, but you can become a hero after discovering this tragedy.

God can help you become a brilliant human being if you will precisely obey His wise guidance in your dreams and in your religion. You can eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and help God save the world.

The fact that the truth became known in your historical time means that you have the chance to escape the tragic destiny of your ancestors. They couldn’t fight their powerful anti-conscience alone, and they ignored its existence.

You are in a better position because you know how to eliminate your anti-conscience and become a sensitive genius. You know that God works as a private doctor for you sending you therapeutic dreams that help you stop being a victim of your satanic anti-conscience, and you can immediately understand God’s messages in your dreams thanks to my simplifications.

I transformed Carl Jung’s complicated, obscure, confuse, and time consuming method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation from images into words.

So, you have the knowledge that your ancestors couldn’t have, and you also have a way to put an end to a tragedy that marks the human existence from the beginning of our appearance.

These are the last days of the barbarous modern civilization. A new historical time based on sanctity and wisdom will begin. God’s guidance will illuminate humanity and Satan will be defeated.

The new generations will never face a mental illness. All countries will help one another. We will put an end to poverty, wars, and crimes.

You must be part of this movement.